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We train businesses, organisations, and individuals in maximising video use in their business’, and marketing and launching a podcasts from scratchWe also implement elements of mindset training in delivery where suitable.


Available are: in-person courses, online courses, and webinars with options to cover launching, production, presentation, marketing, mindset, monetisation, and so much more.



We have a specialist offering for the education sector for academic Media Studies and beyond. 



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P.S. You don’t need lots of fancy equipment if all you have to begin with is a phone, or a basic microphone or camera… that is all you need.  There is plenty of beauty to be found in simplicity.



“Working with Jenna, both as a delivery partner and on a personal level, has been one of the high points of my working life. Each session Jenna planned for our recent Get Started with the podcasting & video programme was engaging, inspiring, and tailored perfectly. She showed complete professionalism and warmth throughout the week.”

Beth Hanlon

Get Started Programme Executive
“If I could do this programme all over again I would! Jenna has helped me recognise my self-limiting beliefs and I don’t have time for them anymore! Now I am starting my podcast, I want to lead the way for other people too.

Ella, The Midlands

Programme Attendee

“Jenna is a joy to be around and most importantly provides a very detailed and professional service in a timely manner. She has boundless energy and an enthusiastic pride in everything she does. It would be great if everyone we worked with within a professional capacity was like Jenna, very organised and professional.”

Marty Gallagher

Director, Gallan Group

“I lacked so much confidence but now I feel much more confident. It’s something that I’ve never done before. Everybody on the programme is so nice. It has made me realise that things don’t have to be perfect and I can have a go! It has given me a growth mindset.”

Acacia, The Midlands

Programme Attendee

“Jenna has such warmth and care for her audience when delivering presentations and sessions, people around her and the people she works with and supports. She speaks with such passion and has a great way of connecting with other people through her story telling in such a calm and inspiring way that makes you want to work again and again with Jenna.”

Rachel Edwards

Head of Operations at The Prince's Trust
“Amazing insight on how to market and brand my podcast. I loved learning tips about overcoming doubts of self belief. Super comprehensive talks – always engaging.
Jenna = ☆☆☆☆☆ and beyond”

Unique, The Midlands

Programme Attendee

“I have worked with Jenna on a number of occasions, and her enthusiasm, professionalism, and her ability to make people feel at ease is amazing. I throughly recommend using House of Hyde Media.”

Melanie Campbell

Head of Marketing at Cooper Parry

“This was one of the best and most concise and clear workshops I have attended. Jenna shared valuable information about how the world of media communications works in these formats. “


Student Enterprise Manager The University of Plymouth

“Jenna has the most amazing approach to the projects she undertakes and always puts her client at ease. Listening to the brief, Jenna takes it all on board and then delivers in spades. Jenna has taken all the opportunities offered to her and expanded on them but she also gives back to those following up behind her. She pays it forward and is an excellent ambassador in her chosen field. All with that amazing smile.”

Karen Wilson

Director, Gallan Group

“Jenna is amongst the most skilled and passionate media practitioners around. Her knowledge and experience are second only to her love of media production and the quality of her work, therefore, speaks for itself.”

James Bryant

Education: English and Media teacher, Head of Department, Lead practitioner, Trainer

“Jenna is someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about helping others. I could tell she was passionate about making a difference in people’s creative journeys. She went above and beyond what was required to help me find relevant roles I could apply for. It’s very rare you come across people who are genuine like that and I would recommend HOHM’s guidance for your creative journey.”

Brendan, The Midlands

Programme Attendee

“An engaging presenter with a clear, structured approach. Always willing to be flexible to suit the needs of the customer and a pleasure to work with.”

Paramjit Hans

The Library of Birmingham

“Not only was the workshop and information taught at a great pace and in a way that all of the attendees could understand, Jenna gave it a clear structure and approach and answered questions really well. The feedback from my colleagues was that they got so much out of it and they were impressed with the content and practical advice given.  I can highly recommend House of Hyde Media’s workshops and masterclasses to anyone looking for a great training session.”


Student Enterprise Manager The University of Plymouth

“When I first heard about the training I was really anxious and did not know if I was capable of doing it even though I really wanted to learn about podcasting. But with help and guidance from Jenna and the rest of the team, I learned that I have a voice and that people care about what I’ve got to say which means a lot. “

Lucy, The Midlands

Programme Attendee

“The young people on the programme had nothing but glowing praise for Jenna. Several of them credited her for improving their confidence, supporting them to achieve their goals, and encouraging them to believe in themselves despite the criticism and opinions of others. She has helped them to see that they can make their dreams into reality.”

Beth Hanlon

Get Started Programme Executive
Home House of Hyde Media
Home House of Hyde Media

As we further enter the digital sphere, using video and podcasting is no longer being seen as a “fluffy” extra… instead it has become a vital element of branding and marketing. Check out our “Why Video?” page to find out more.



You don’t need fancy equipment. If you have it, that’s an added luxury, but HOHM tailors the programmes to your equipment.  



✓  Video & vlogging courses: Filming, editing, and beyond

✓  Podcasting courses: Launching from scratch, long-term monetising, and more

✓ Find out how maximising your use of video and podcasting can enhance and enrich your business

✓ Branding courses

✓ Mindset sessions (following its popularity, mindset-only sessions are now available)

✓ Sessions can be delivered in person or online 


House of Hyde Media is passionate about supporting young people and helping them thrive in the new age digital sphere.


✓ Increasing employability, helping young people create a stellar answer to the interview question “What can you bring this company?”

✓ Supporting young people in their own enterprises, helping them to understand how media can elevate their business further

✓ Podcasting programmes

✓ Video & vlog programmes

✓ Branding programmes

✓ Mindset sessions (following its popularity, mindset-only sessions  are now available)

✓ Sessions can be delivered in person or online

Home House of Hyde Media
Home House of Hyde Media




Content produced directly from industry, with 100+ videos on media theory & practical media on any budget.

14-day trial available for schools, sixth forms, colleges, and universities.

Access to all videos for educational establishments.