HOW IT WORKS House of Hyde Media



1. Pre-Production 

Get in touch, via phone call, video call, message or we can meet for a coffee, to talk about your podcast idea.

2. Pre-Production 

Once we fully understand your podcast vision we will send you over a quote, with a detailed outline of what production will look like for you. 

3, Pre-Production

The area we will need your help is getting dates booked in for your podcast shoot to suit you, and collaborating on asking guests on, if that is your style of podcast.

4. Pre-Production 

We will send you lots of podcasting tips to ensure you are ready comfortable and excited to launch.

5. Podcast Day

We will arrive an hour before you need to sit down and start hosting, in order to set up all the equipment and ensure we are ready for you.

6. Podcast Day

Sit down and start talking! 

Whilst at least one person will be in the room whilst you’re podcasting (simply to monitor the sound etc), we want you to be comfortable and have fun throughout recording!

7. Podcast Day

Once you have wrapped, simply carry on with your day. 

We will take down the equipment, and head off to start editing the visual and audio.

8. Post Production 

Once we have edited the video and audio we will send you over the podcast, and promotional cut for your approval.

On request we can also breakdown the podcast to create smaller pieces of content for your channels. 

9. Post Production 

If you so wish, we can post the podcast on your chosen platforms.

10. Post Production

On request, we can provide consultancy on marketing the podcast, performance numbers, and feedback on your podcast.