Increased Emotional Connection

When watching a video our mirror neurons in our brain can be activated. In short our feelings often mirror what we see, where people can often feel the emotions they are seeing, for example you may know people who cry when they see an emotional movie scene. Why is emotion important in video testimonials? Simply put, videos that evoke emotion in the audience perform better and have an increased conversion rate.

People prefer to watch, rather than read.

“Video has a 95% retention rate, while people only remember 12% of textual information”

Albright, Unscreen

Video Testimonials have a proven high conversion rate.

Due to their ability to activate mirror neurons, the powerful ability to retain attention and preferability over text, Video Testimonials can be incredibly effective in increasing conversion rates.

Humanise your brand

Faces tend to perform better than text. Asking your clients to share their story and experience with your brand, has a substantially higher impact, than sharing a complimentary text quote of a happy customer. When possible allow the emotion of your customer be shared on screen rather than in font.

Video share-ability 

“Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.” (Fish, Propmodo)

Share your video on your preferred social media platform, and increase it’s reach with the support of extremely targeted sponsored advertising.

It is not a ‘hard sell’

Having other people talk about their experience with your brand is a far more authentic way to communicate the benefits of your business. In a content driven world testimonials allow for the consumption of video and story telling whilst promoting your products or services.