FILM PREPARATION House of Hyde Media


Leave your stripes, polka dots, checks, & neon colours at home.

Despite using the latest technology in filming, these styles of clothing can look distorted on screen.

Prepare 3-5 key points.

It is easy to stumble on your words when you are trying to remember a script, or too much. information.  Prepare and practice 3-5 key points you want to make. The rest will flow.

Not as obvious as you think…Avoid saying “urmmmmm”.

Sounds easy? You’d be surprised how much we say it.  Off camera, our brains tend to tune it out.  But thinking out loud in your video can make you appear hesitant and nervous. Remember, you are an expert in your topic, so try and be confident and relaxed.

Pay attention to your body language.

We know you have been told about your posture since day dot, but the correct body language is essential for a powerful on screen presence.  So try not to fiddle with your hands, sit up straight and shoulders back.

Multiple takes happen for a reason.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake on a take…or ten.  Simply keep going until you are happy with your delivery! The beauty of editing means that we will only use your best shot.

Take it steady.

When we are nervous our words per minute rate tends to speed up.  Which is understandable when trying to remember key points to deliver in a video.  So, when you’re in front of the camera, take a deep breath, and make a conscious effort to ensure your speech is slower than usual.  It may feel unnatural, however it will undoubtedly help you appear confident and composed on film.

Project your voice.

One of the oldest tricks in the book, and of course when we are filming we will use a microphone.  However, if you purposefully project your voice and deliver your words with confidence, your message will have a far greater impact.

No Overcrowding.

We understand filming is an exciting time! But for some of us, nerves can be amplified if there are too many people on set, as peer pressure can kick in.  Besides this, the more people that are in the room, the greater the risk of having noises aside from the voice of the presenter on film.  So at House of Hyde Media we endeavour to keep the amount of people on set to minimum, to reduce nerves and background noise.

Stay hydrated before & during filming.

Slight nerves can sometimes cause a dry throat: not ideal when you’re delivering to camera. So be sure to have a drink to hand, to have in between takes to maintain a crystal clear voice throughout your video.  Also many of us habitually lick our lips when we are concentrating or nervous, so purchase a hydrating lip balm for your shoot.


Of course there are situations where your delivery to camera needs to be serious, however, on most shoots the absence of a smile can create a monotone video.  A genuine smile can help build your relationship with the viewer, and increase engagement.

Seems like a lot to remember? We will remind you of all this on your shoot day, however the one thing we ask you to remember is to you enjoy your day and HOHM promises to make it fun.