FOR EDUCATION House of Hyde Media





House of Hyde Media offers specific educational services, including:

✓  An extensive video library based on GCSE, BTEC, and A Level Media Studies syllabuses

✓  Videos on succinct interpretation of media theory included in the syllabus

✓  Creating practical submission on any budget

✓  Media advice directly from industry that can be taken forward for use in employment or in students’ own enterprises

✓  Pay monthly or yearly for entire school access to the video library



House of Hyde Media recognises the importance of inspiration and illuminating the pathway to individual success and optimism for the future at an early age, when neuroplasticity is excellent. Therefore, due to recent popularity, House of Hyde Media is designing a programme to be used in primary schools, which aims to cover:


✓  How to maintain a healthy mindset when using social media 

✓  Dissolving comparison 

✓  Introducing pupils to dissolving self-limiting beliefs, and setting goals for the future that they want

✓  Introducing enterprise and careers

✓  And more! 

House of Hyde Media believes these are incredibly important conversations that should not be left to when they are “needed”, but instead these teachings should be embrace from a young age, which gives young people the very best chance for success in whatever that looks like for them, thereby supporting young people to have optimism for their future.