MINDSET OUR USP House of Hyde Media


MINDSET OUR USP House of Hyde Media


In House of Hyde Media’s very first programmes, we began to introduce some elements of mindset teaching, including: identifying and beginning to dissolve self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, the problems that can occur with perfectionism and how to deal with those, goal setting and visions for the future.

These mindset sessions were originally created by delivering pre-launch sessions, exploring feelings that may crop up and guidance in how to deal with those. Given the popularity of these sessions, they have continued to grow from there.


These sessions proved to be some of the most popular sessions within the programmes, with some feedback examples on our testimonial page. So we are continuing to vastly grow this area of our offering, and we are extremely excited to be dedicating lots of time and energy to further expanding our tool kit in the mindset sessions, in order to take the coaching in this area even further (find out more on our Creator’s Story page). 

Why is this important? Well, if this time has taught us anything  it is the importance of mindset and how working on our mindset can support us in all areas of our lives, not just in digital content creation.

Having the greatest job, creating the greatest content, achieving the greatest milestones… these will not present us with that feeling of fulfilment unless we have a healthy mindset for success, in line with our physical and mental health.

That is why we believe it couldn’t be more important to blend our delivery with elements of mindset, and why that is our greatest USP in supporting you and/or your organisation.