YOUTH GROUPS House of Hyde Media


House of Hyde Media is passionate about supporting young people thriving in the digital sphere, in a safe and healthy way. 


We understand that recent situations have sped up our entrance into the online world and want to support young people with their digital skills. 


House of Hyde Media aims to up-skill young people so they have a stellar answer to the question “What can you bring to this company?” and we will strive to guide young people in identifying the opportunities that video and podcasting can bring to their own entrepreneurial journeys, in addition to increasing their employability. 


Following this time, it is also incredibly important that we support young people developing their mindsets, from beginning to identify and dissolve self-limiting beliefs, which may not only crop up when launching something new, but can appear in different areas of life, to discussing the problems of perfectionism and imposter syndrome, as well as goal setting using visions for the future. 


Therefore, our programmes for young people (and businesses) incorporate these topics whilst developing digital skills, at a time their pathways to opportunity and optimism about the future need illuminating more than ever.